Neutering Your Male Dog

A male dog is neutered so that he can’t able to parent puppies. This can also give your male dog much wonderful health as well as behavioral effects. This also may be considered as one of the most important health decisions for your dog. In addition, neutering your male dog allows you to keep him close to your home. Keep reading this article to learn more about this problem.

What is neutering

Neutering is a process that can be able to prevent your pets from reproducing. And, this process is called castration in males and spaying in females. This process has the purpose of taking away the main source of the male hormone testosterone. In addition, this process can also make female dogs unable to become pregnant.

Benefits of Neutering

Thanks to neutering, your dog can prevent certain diseases such as most prostate diseases as well as testicular cancer. Sure, your dog will be calmer. That means you will also be calmer too. Neutering will make him mark less. At the same time, it also makes his lower level of testosterone improve. So, you can prevent him from roaming, humping, aggression, and other dominance-related behaviors. In addition, it will provide your male dog many health and behavioral benefits.

Reasons to neuter your Dog

Neutering helps your dog to live a longer and healthier life. Moreover, it aims to prevent uterine infections as well as breast cancer. That’s why neutering your dog before his first heat provides the best protection for these diseases.

Your dog will get many health benefits from neutering. It can prevent not only unwanted litters but also testicular cancer.

Your neutered male dog won’t go into heat. Believe me! Indeed, after neutering, your dog will ignore the intention to roam away from home. Thus, this also helps to prevent him from injury in traffic as well as fights with other males.

Most neutered dogs will have better behaviors. These dogs can be able to focus their attention on human families.

In addition, thanks to neutering, your male dog can also avoid becoming fat.

You won’t have to cost too much money for neutering your dog. The cost will be based on your dog’s neuter surgery. Furthermore, the cost of treatment when your dog gets into fights with other will also be beaten.

You may not know it’s considered as a good action for your community. In fact, there is a wide range of real problems caused by stray animals in many parts of the country. Indeed, they are capable of preying on wildlife, damaging the local fauna, causing car accidents, and frightening children. You can reduce the number of animals on the streets thanks to neutering your male dog.

By this way, you can also fight pet overpopulation. The fact is that there are millions of dogs are euthanized as strays. They are the result of unplanned litters. If you neuter them, you could prevent this.

When to neuter

You can get your male dog neutered any time after eight weeks of age. But, it’s best to talk to your vet about the ideal time for your dog to neuter. Generally, dogs neutered before going to puberty grow surely are bigger than others neutered after puberty. Indeed, testosterone will participate in bone growth during this stage. And, you still have to get your dog neutered if his testicles don’t descend. These dogs will have more testicular tumors when comparing to normal dogs.

Preparing your dog for surgery

Your dog needs to ensure to be healthy enough for surgery thanks to presurgical blood work. You also have to make sure that there is no health condition that can affect the choice of anesthesia. Normally, you needn’t neuter young and healthy dogs. But, we still recommend you to get a baseline reference for future blood tests. Most importantly, it’s essential to follow the directions of your clinic. In fact, it’s wrong to feed your dog within at least eight hours before the surgery. Instead, you should give him water.

What to watch for after the surgery

It’s best to check with your vet if your male dog is suffering from excessive pain. In order to prevent your dog from licking the stitches after the surgery, you need to use an Elizabethan collar. We recommend you to let your dog wear it throughout the day. Indeed, the incision may be prevented from licking for the proper healing.

What happens to a dog after neutering surgery?

Many pet owners worry that their dogs will change their personality after neutering surgery. This is not a fact. But, you can still see some certain behaviors such as mounting, fighting, roaming, and spraying urine.

Some owners worry their pet will become fat. But, the dog neutered tend to require you to feed them a little less food.