How to Stop a Dog From Barking

There is no single reason why your dog barks. So, there is also no across-the-board quick prevention to stop him from barking. You may feel frustrating when living in a home with a dog barking. In fact, it’s hard to prevent your dog from barking. Read this post, we will help you learn how to stop a dog from barking effectively.

How to Stop a Dog From Barking

Common Reasons for Dog Barking

Your dog may bark in order to scare off a perceived intruder, get attention, self-soothe, or release frustration. If you want to tackle your dog’s barking, you need to determine the drive behind his vocalization.There is a variety typical type of canine communication.

Attention seeking

Your dog starts barking when he wants to get something. It may be your attention or resources such as toys or food. Even, he may want to access to the outdoors.


For this reason, your dog can bark once he notices someone or something enters his own areas.

Play barking

Your dog likes doing this when he has a good time.


By barking, your dog can show that he is startled by something such as unexpected noise or a sudden noise as well.


Barking also allows your dog to signal irritation as well as powerlessness. For example, he barks when a ball rolls under the couch but he can’t reach the ball.


He barks when he is under-stimulated in order to entertain or self-soothe.And, he can repeat his bark sounds for this.


This type of barking is often misunderstood. He may bark when he is trying to put distance betweensomething frightening and himself.


Your dog also may bark when he prepares a meal, rides cars, as well as sees a leash.

Separation distress

Your dog won’t want to engage in this pitiful bark alone. It’s not similar to a dog that is going through true separation anxiety. Indeed, it’s a milder and more manageable when it comes to distressthan true separation anxiety.

How to Keep a Dog from Barking

It may be easier to stop your dog from barking thanks to customizing a training solution for his specific type of bark. Also, it can be able to prevent barking. There are some tips you should know to prevent him from barking.

Block your dog’s view

This is considered as a quick way to deal with alarm and territorial barking. In order to cut off his visual access to everything inciting him outside, you can close your blinds to obscure the view. It’s best to place the window film above his line of sight about a few inches.

Busy toys

This way is effective for dogs looking for attention. It’s great to choose hard rubber toys dispensing treats. They can be able to help keep your dog occupied and happy when alone. Also, you should consider giving them dogs barking for attention.

White noise machine

This way is great to cover incidental noises from people passing as well as delivery trucks due to the machine’s steady unchanging sound.

Pheromone-based treatment

Plug-in diffusers can be able to soothe dogs barking because of stress. Indeed, you will have to pay affordable money for these diffusers. They can help to take the edge off a stressful situation.

Teach “hush”

This is a great solution for alarm barkers, territorial barkers, and some excitement and play barkers. This way can help to stop the barking after a few minutes. Also, it can short-circuit a dedicated barker as well. For the next time, you just need to place a treat in your hand and walk up to him. Then, put your hand in front of your dog’s nose. You can do it whenever he barks at something as long as he smells the treat.

Ignore barking

This is used for attention-seeking barking, frustration barking, as well as play barking. It’s a great idea to tune your dog out while barking to take the power out of his demanding barking. Once he barks for attention, you should walk out of the room but still look at him. Do the same for frustration barking. If he barks because of the rolling of his ball under the couch, it’s best to fetch it for him.

More exercise

This way is considered as the best solution for all barkers both mental and physical. In fact, if your dog has had a good workout, he will be able to reduce the risk of alert for perceived interlopers. We recommend you to spend your time wearing your dog out daily with a rousing game of fetch. Also, remember that a good dog is a tired dog.

Reward the absence of barking

It is also useful for all barkers. In fact, we just remember to correct your dog’s bad behaviors but don’t acknowledge the good. So, it’s best to give your dog a treat when he sees someone out the window without barking. Also, don’t forget to praise him when he dashes around the yardwithout offering commentary. The fact is that barking is a deeply rewarding behavior, but you should deal with it with time as well as patience.