How to Clean Your Dog’s Feet

As a pet owner, you need to take diligent care of your dog’s feet. It’s important to put his feet with these easy paw care tips. Also, don’t forget to consider the dirty surfaces his feet come into contact with all day long. They may be tile, carpet, cement, wood, mud, grass, dirt, urine, snow, feces, water, and more.

How to Clean Your Dog's Feet

Let’s take a look at this article, we will give you some fresh tips on how to clean your dog’s feet.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Feet

Trim Hair

If you let his hair grow, they can damage to your dog’s paws. In addition, excessive hair can get debris and dirt. That’s why your dog has an infection. The best solution for this is trimming paw hair on a regular basis. It’s important to trim paw hair evenly with the pads.

Use Wipes

There is a variety of wipes available you can choose for dogs. They are similar to baby wipes. Also, you can easily use them. It’s best to keep a pack near your front as well as the back door. You will notice the foul things in just one outing.

Keep Nails Trimmed

Click-clack is a common sound that helps you know where your dog is. But, this is also a thing to determine your dog’s nails are too long. Keep them trimmed or filed in a comfortable length.

Clean Between the Pads

In fact, your dog can collect all the things in between his toes when walking barefoot regularly. So, you need to make a habit of cleaning between his toes. At the same time, remember to check for dirt, pebbles, small particle, debris, and other items your dog can lodge.

Use Doggie Boots

Your dog should walk in doggie boots. They are useful for keeping his paws protected from the sharp objects as well as elements.

Moisturize the Pads

Because of the excessive exposure to a lot of elements, his paws may become cracked or dry. It’s time to use a quality canine moisturizer to protect dog pads.

Apply First Aid

Your dog can step on sharp objects. They lead to wounds, cuts, and blood loss. Then, you need to quickly apply first aid to the wound. Or, you should take him to your vet for the larger than half an inch cut.

Wash with Warm Water

It’s a great idea to wash your dog’s feet with warm water all year long, especially in the snow. His foot pads may be lodged by salt and toxic chemicals from ice melters. This also causes sores and infection. The warm water will help to remove the chemicals quickly.

Use a Door Mat

This is considered as the easiest solution to keep your dog’s feet clean. Place a doormat in the front of all doors leading outside. Encourage him to step on the mat. By this way, he can remove debris as well as dirt from his feet.

What to Look for in a Dog Paw Washer

Soft Bristles or Brushes

They are great choices to remove some of the stubborn dirt on his feet. In order not to irritate or injure his feet in the process, find washers with bristles and brushes made of rubber, silicone, or oft plastic.

A Water-Tight Lid

If you want to take your dog to walk with you, don’t forget to fill the paw washer before leaving the house. Of course, you need a lid to keep the water from creating a mess or sloshing around.

Ergonomic Design

Your dog may not pay attention to the paw-washing process at all. But, you still have a fair bit of wrestling with him when holding the paw washer. We recommend you to look for ones that are easy to hold. Also, make sure your dog’s feet feel comfortable when you use it.

Made in the USA

In fact, you can find some high-quality consumer made in China or other developing countries. But, ones made in the United States offer higher quality. That means you will have to pay a bit more for US-made items. But, these products can be able to last longer as well.

DIY Paw-Cleaning Solutions

Two Towels

Use a damp towel to wipe your dog’s feet off. Then, use a dry towel to dry them. It’s easy to do this. Also, this way is the great choice for dogs who don’t like having their feet touched. It’s best to carry two towels around with you after every use.

A Dedicated Water Dish or Cup

Most commercial paw washers come with cups that can hold a bit of water. Also, it allows you to place a soft-bristled brush inside if you want. This can help you save a marginal amount of money.

Scrub Brushes

By using soft scrub brushes and water, you can make your dog feet clean. But, it’s essential to look for a brush with very soft bristles. They can’t harm your dog’s feet.


It’s essential to keep your dog’s feet clean. This lets your dog feel comfortable when walking. Also, it helps to protect him from injury and infection. You should take care of his feet every day to ensure his feet can last him a lifetime.