Best Quiet Dog Clippers 2019 Reviews

Grooming your dog may be a worthwhile task. However, most dogs are scared of the noise some dog clippers make. So, you need to look for the best quiet machines to groom your dog in peace. Many dog owners want to groom their pet at home.

This method can not only save money but also bond with your dog. Some dog clippers are made with less noise. In this article, we will list the best quiet dog clippers. They can help to reduce dog’s grooming anxiety.

Clippers Noises and Vibrations

These factors are the main causes of anxiety. It’s not difficult to determine the root cause of hair clipper associated with anxiety in dogs. Then, you need some trial and error. Normally, dogs don’t get used to such sudden high levels of noise as well as vibration in the first months of life.

Grooming around their ears and head is like an earthquake. Actually, it’s really important to know what makes your dog stressed during grooming. He may be stressed by a mix of vibration, noise, or even all of the things close to his body and head. It’s best to let your dog approach a dog clipper slowly and gradually.

Remember to avoid forcing him into anything that can make him uncomfortable with. Instead, let your dog take his time to get used to a clipper.

An Anxious Dog and How to Reduce a Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

Depending on the type of your dog’s fur, you can know how to groom him. In fact, you needn’t groom dogs with short hairs as much regularly as ones with straight, long, and continuously growing hair.

Avoid doing anything drastic. Instead, ask a professional groomer for help. Otherwise, you can cause an injury to your dog’s skin. Also, this can increase grooming anxiety in him.

As a pet owner, you should read customer reviews of several brands of dog clippers before buying one for your dog. It’s a great idea to use a dog grooming table. It can help to make your dog more comfortable for a good grooming experience.

As mentioned above, let him be accustomed to the noise as well asvibrations of the grooming machines slowly and gradually.

You may have to take several weeks or months to train your dog. This depends on the level of stress your dog gets. The thing every pet owner needs is the patience and determination. It’s essential to buy the best silent grooming clippers.

You may not know quiet dog clippers can stillvibrate. However, they are surely quieter than regular machines. For manual hair clippers, they can fully silent. However, you have to take a lot of time for grooming, especially for larger dogs.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Dog Clippers

First, it’s important to consider your pet’s size, his fur condition, and his coat length. In order to get more information about choosing the right types of dog clippers for your pet, read a buying guide. It is really helpful. If you choose the right dog clipper for your pet, you can determine whether a quiet dog clipper is great for your dog.

Although it’s unable to have a completely silent dog clipper, you can get ones that offer less noise than others. There are some features to think about when it comes to the best quiet dog clippers as below:

Smoother running motors:

You should consider buying brushless motors. They are actually smoother running. You can choose models from Wahl.


Choose clippers designed with more smoothly blades. If you choose a cheaper clipper, it can make more vibration than others.

The fact is that different clippers are compatible with different blades. So, it’s important to read the product description in order to determine the types of blades. More importantly, some blades can be able to work better to deal with hard-to-tough areas than others.

You can know the type of hair as well as the length it cuts thanks to the comb product description. For instance, you can use a 10 blade for both short and medium length hair when using the Andis. When it comes to the Wahl cordless clippers, you can get adjustable blades. So, you can easily adjust to a cut length you want.

Vibration isolators around the motor:

They are essential for less sound as well as vibration. There are many machines coming with vibration isolators like the Oster A6.

Lightweight and compact:

If you are looking for a clipper that is quiet, consider buying a lightweight and compact model. It’s best to choose small cordless clippers. They are actually quieter than the larger ones.

Top 7 Best Quiet Dog Clippers 2019 Reviews

Scaredy Cut Silent Manual Dog Clipper

This is a great choice for toy breeds. It’s easy to use. These dog clippers come with add-on combs. Sure, you will be satisfied with them because of free of any sort of vibration. However, with this machine, you have to take more times to trim your dog. There are two removable gel inserts for a comfortable experience.

In addition, the clipper comes with a knob for tension adjustment. They are great for sensitive areas, including genitals, paws, as well as head work. Nowadays, there is a wide range of trusted brands available on the market. They ensure to give owners a quiet and smooth cut.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed

This product comes with two speeds. It’s actually a very quiet clipper. However, it’s also very powerful. So, this is a good solution for dogs with heavier and coarser coats. It allows you to easily approach your dog’s face. When you switch to the high speed, it can help to handle matted coat. If you are finding a beautiful clipper, this machine is for you. This machine offers everything a pet owner wants. This is also great for professional groomers.

ZMG Rechargeable Pets Electric Clippers

If you want a clipper for your budget, consider this clipper. It’s cheaper than Oster. This product offers low noise than regular ones. This model has a few perks. It’s a cordless dog clipper, so you can easily use it. Its battery can be able to run for a decent amount of time. Furthermore, it’s also really easy to recharge.

Wahl BravMini+ Cordless Pet Trimmer

This machine promises to offer groomers a lot of power while it still provides as little noise and vibration as possible. It can be able to work well for a lot of precision tasks as feet work as well as the face. You have to take 2 hours to charge it fully for 100 minutes of the operation. With this machine, you can avoid heat because of its smart design. In fact, these products can be able to last for a long period of time.

Glendan Ultra Quiet ECO-Friendly Clippers

This clipper is also listed as one of the best choices for your budget. In spite of its low price, it still can get the job done. Moreover, this clipper is an eco-friendly on the market today. This is not only cordless but also rechargeable.

Depending on your needs, you can choose pro or a con. It ensures to give you comfort thanks to its comfortable handle. In addition, the clipper comes with an anti-slip feature to prevent your dog from getting stress during grooming.

Andis Professional Animal Clipper

Andis Professional Animal Clippers can last for a long time. It’s made with a break-resistant black housing. It is one of the best choices when it comes to the best quiet dog clippers. It can help to handle a heavily matted coarse coat.

However, they promise to provide owners with a quiet clipping experience. It has heat dissipation. Even if you use this machine after a long time, it still stays cool. It’s a cordless model. However, this product is expensive a bit.

2-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal Clippers

This option is the top-rated quiet electric dog grooming clipper. It is designed with a silent motor. Also, it’s very lightweight. In spite of its quietness, this machine is a powerful piece of equipment. Moreover, there is a wide range of different comb attachments. They have a set with grooming shears, a step by step DVD, a carrying case, as well as a cleaning brush.

They promise to give groomers a professional grade design. Plus, it offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The clipper can be able to deal with everything from heavy clipping to quick precision trims. You can choose it to cut any all types of fur. It is ideal to handle any length coat. In addition to dogs, you can also use it for other animals like cats. Even, it can be used on humans.

Quiet Dog Clippers vs Manual Dog Hair Clippers

As mentioned above, some pets don’t like the whirring noise made by traditional dog clippers. If your dog moves around when you have a sharp object in close proximity to your dog body, it may be not safe for your pet. You can prevent your dog from getting a lot of stress when you switch to one of the best quiet dog clippers.

Quiet dog clipper

If a silent dog clipper isn’t familiar with you, it’s essential to know what it’s. At the same time, be aware of the difference between these clippers and regular ones. A silent dog clipper is a machine that doesn’t offer the loud whirring noise as others can make. Normally, most quiet clippers are manual. Some of them are electric. In fact, no electric machines can offer 100 % silence.

Manual dog clipper

Manual dog clippers are actually a type of scissors. They come with an attachment comb. These dog clippers are one of the best choices for dogs. Many professional groomers have to admit that. However, you will have to concern about the noisiness of typical electric groomers. These dog clippers don’t always require more work compared to the electric clippers. They can help to groom your dog’s fur in a shorter time.

There is a wide range of cordless silent dog clippers running on batteries. They don’t offer 100% silence. They may still give your dog the noise and buzz. If you are looking for an alternative for traditional dog hair clippers, consider choosing these types of silent clippers.


Consider choosing a quiet clipper to reduce some of the stress for your dog during grooming. Sure, you have a good idea about the best options of the best silent dog clippers today after reading through our list above. Depending on our reviews listed above, you can easily decide which one is the best for your furry friend.