Doggone clean

Puppy piddle
Confine him (or her) to an area with a washable floor, such as the kitchen, until heís housebroken. The sites of old accidents are irresistible to your puppy so clean up fresh puddles promptly with paper towels and de-odourizing spray cleaner or make your own with one quart of water, one-half cup of white vinegar or lemon juice and a squirt of mild detergent.

TIP: Ammonia smells like urine to a puppy so avoid ammonia based products. It makes the spot even more alluring.

Not on the carpet!
New accidents are inevitable as puppy ventures into the house. Despite your best efforts, he will hit the carpet. Blot up urine stains promptly with several layers of paper towels, spray with cleaner and blot again. Club soda, straight from the bottle, works well too. Pick up poop with toilet paper and flush away. Treat the area with cleaner and blot, blot, blot till thereís no stain on the towels. Standing on the towels helps or use several layers weighed down by a heavy object. A wet vac makes for easy breezy cleaning. After treating the stain, vacuum up as much moisture as possible and let dry.

TIP: Enzyme cleaners for pets work best for carpets & fabric as they break down odour causing protein and bacteria.

The scoop on poop
To clean up after your dog in the yard or on walks, put your hand inside a plastic bag, pick up the poop, turn the bag inside out and knot. The poop is now ready for disposal in recycling or trash. Your hands never touch the poop!

May be an issue with large breeds like the St. Bernard. Wipe away with a damp cloth and mild soapy water. Window cleaner or vinegar and water removes nose prints from glass.

Not the musical. Make sure your vacuum is up to it.

TIP: Spray Static Guard on upholstery first for easier removal.

Hang a towel by the door for wet fur and muddy feet.